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Types of fraud we commonly research:

  • PPP Loan fraud
  • Kickbacks paid to medical providers
  • Fake medical equipment being sold as real medical equipment
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What is PPP fraud?

Many companies took pandemic aid meant for employees and stole it during 2020 and 2021. They did this by taking Pandemic Paycheck Protection loans, without using the money to pay employees, and then filing the paperwork to have the money be forgiven.

You can find their PPP loan information at

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Companies often commit this fraud by:

Companies lied about their eligibility if they:

Other red flags include:

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What will you do with this information?

If we think we can build a case, we will pursue the criminals in civil court.

Are you law enforcement or lawyers?

No. We are a young company dedicated to reducing corporate fraud, primarily in healthcare.

Will I be anonymous?

If you wish to be, absolutely. You do not even need to provide any contact info on the tip form.