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  • What is PPP fraud?

    Many companies took pandemic aid meant for their employees and stole it for themselves during 2020 and 2021. They did this by taking Pandemic Paycheck Protection loans, without using the money to pay employees, and then filing paperwork to have the money be forgiven.

    You can find their PPP loan information at

    We’re looking for your help to make sure these thieves see justice. You can be anonymous.

    Companies often commit this fraud by:

    • Falsely claiming to be a “small business”

    • Hiding their ownership or ownership changes (ownership means either 20+% equity or control)

    • Faking their employment numbers (counting contractors, freelancers, and foreign employees, counting family who don’t work, or even just lying about their numbers entirely)

    • Abusively firing and rehiring employees during 2020 or 2021

    Companies lied about their eligibility if they:

    • Permanently closed during the pandemic

    • Didn’t open until February 15th 2020 or later

    • Have owners with felony convictions for fraud, bribery, or embezzlement within the last 5 years

    • Are publicly traded (you can buy and sell their stock on an exchange), and took the loans after December 27th 2020

    Other red flags include:

    • Employee counts on paperwork that seem way off, especially around employees being part time vs full time

    • Accounting issues or high turnover in the accounting department

    • Large changes in employee numbers without on-the-ground staffing changes

    • Filed for multiple loans with different employees counts when you didn’t see a change

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